Heart Art: Alice


Heart Art project has unveiled it’s first piece of artwork, created using the heartbeats of audience members attending a performance of Alice by Jasmin Vardimon Company.

A number of volunteers in the audience wore heart rate monitors and the resulting data was amalgamated and shared with creatives Wonderland. They took the data and turned in to this beautiful moving piece of digital art.

The Heart Art research project, run by iCCi, aims to repeat this process over a number of future performances and to use the collected data to understand more about how audiences feel and react to art as we experience it. Jim Ang, Deputy Director of iCCi explains:

“Through this project we can understand how humans perceive art as an individuals and as a groups. By analysing the data over time, we hope to build a picture of how we interact with art more broadly with future implications for the fusion of artistic creativity and human-computer interaction technology.”

With their consent, audience members will then be allowed to donate their data to researchers, to enable us to build a unique and valuable data asset to help researchers to understand how humans interact with the show they are watching and take away their experience in terms of the artwork generated by their own data, and how this indicates each person’s subjective feelings about the show as memory.

With thanks to Jasmin Vardimon Company and Wonderland for their collaboration on this project.