Sports massage

放松与肯特体育C开云体育app客服linic massage for just £23

Are you in need of a massage to help you relax and enjoy the summer?

Why not take us up on a 30-minute qualified massage for just£23 between 1-31 August 2023. We’re also extending the offer to members of the public too, so everyone can benefit from this reduced rate.

订一个按摩在这段时间里,你需要a minimum of Kent Sport Pay to Play membership (free, when youcreate an online booking account). Appointments can be booked online in advance, but must be attended between 1-31 August 2023. Alternatively, call us on 01227 823623 or

How do I book?

You can choose between qualified and student-led appointments for many of our services. To find out more about our individual services, visit theKent Sports Clinicwebpage.

Qualified massages are bookable as 30-minute appointments as standard. Please you would like to book a 60-minute appointment.

If you’re an existing customer, you can book and pay for services through youronline booking account. New customers will first need to create a free account with Kent Sport. This is quick, easy and free to do.See our guidance for more information.

找到更多关于我们的Kent Sports Clinicservices and thebenefits of massageonline.

View your resit exams timetable

If you are resitting exams or taking an exam for the first time this summer, your exams timetable is ready toview in KentVision. If you have any questions about your exams timetable, pleaseget in touch with your Division.

If you’re not resitting any exams but resubmitting coursework, you can findeventsand support from theStudent Learning Advisory Serviceon our website. Best of luck!

You can find out more on ourexams webpage.

canterbury campus

星期六停电:29居ly 2023

UK Power Networks will be undertaking essential maintenance works on Saturday 29 July 2023 from 10:00-15:00.

The areas affected by the power outage will be Beverley Farm, Keynes College, Tanglewood, Careers, Oaks Study Hub, Turing College (all blocks) and Hut 8.

All other buildings should be unaffected by the power outage.

This is the final planned power shutdown.

Banner for South Asian Heritage Month, Uni of Kent and Student Union logos, map of South Asia as background, text reads:

South Asian Heritage Month 2023

The University of Kent is delighted to celebrate South Asian Heritage Month this year, between the dates of the 18thof July and the 17thof August.

British South Asians form a large percentage of the UK population, and naturally encompass a significant number of the staff and students represented within the vast community here at the University of Kent. The contributions of these Brits to entertainment, politics, science, sports, and many other areas central to British culture cannot be understated, rather, it is important that we take the time to recognise and celebrate such achievements.

Indeed, one of the core messages behind South Asian Heritage Month is seeking to understand, commemorate,, and celebrate the diverse cultures, communities and history that tie the UK and South Asia together.

According to the South Asian Heritage Trust (, South Asian Heritage Month encompasses several independence days connected to South Asian countries. The beginning and end dates of SAHM particularly call back to two significant events in 1947; the 18thof July marks the date that the Indian Independence Act gained royal assent from King George VI, whilst the 17thof August marks the date of publication of the Radcliffe Line, which established where the borders between India, West Pakistan, and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) would be.

In 2023, the theme of South Asian Heritage Month is ‘Stories to Tell’. We have therefore chosen to focus our efforts on gathering articles which shed a light on the perspective of South Asian Brits in the 21stCentury, as well as the past that has shaped us all. This will include written interviews with the authors of last year’s South Asian Heritage Week’s stories, that along with a plethora of resources, will be released over the coming weeks. We also invite you to check out the developments on our new South Asian Heritage page, available here:

We hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer – and, of course, South Asian Heritage Month!


Coffee tasting event, 1 August

Calling all coffee enthusiasts, students, and staff! The University of Kent catering team are thrilled to invite you to a very specialcoffee tasting eventat theGulbenkian Arts Centre CaféonTuesday 1 August, 10.00 – 12.00.

During thisfreeevent, you will have the pleasure of sampling four distinct filter coffees from four different suppliers. Each coffee will tell a unique story of its journey from bean to cup.

This coffee tasting event is not only about enjoying great coffee; it’s also an integral part of our coffee tender process. Your valued feedback during this tasting session will play a vital role in determining which coffee we serve on campus. As a university that values the preferences of its community, your voice matters in this decision-making process.

To complement the coffee tasting experience, an assortment of pastries will be available for you to enjoy as you sip and savour each coffee.

As an attendee, we kindly request you complete a short feedback survey after sampling the various coffees. By sharing your thoughts, you not only assist us in selecting the best coffee for campus but also stand achance to win a fabulous prize –£50 credit on your KentOne card(staff/student ID)!

You have the freedom to drop in at any time during the event hours, allowing you to tailor your tasting experience to your schedule.

To book your place, pleaseregister online.Spaces are limited, so be sure to secure your spot early.

Remember, it’s not just a coffee tasting; it’s a chance to influence the future coffee culture on campus!

For any questions about the event, please

Students at PG Summer Coffee Morning

PG Summer: July events roundup

It’s been great to see our postgraduate community come together at events during the first month of PG Summer, including the Annual Postgraduate Conference, PG Summer Coffee Morning and PG Careers Week events. July brings lots more PG Summer events and activities, including:

Mon 3 July– The Careers and Employability Service are hosting a practical online session for postgrads tohelp you identify your employability skills.

Wed 5 July– Come along to Woolf Common Room for thePG Summer board game, crisps and drinks gathering, jointly organised by the PG Network and Graduate and Researcher College (GRC).

Thu 6 July-Reflective writing is a powerful learning tool which can help you to understand your own thinking processes, challenge your assumptions and explore logical approaches to arguments. Try it for yourself with this 2 hourReflecting Writing Workshop at the Drill Hall Library.

Tues 11 July– Want some advice writing cover letters and applications? Make a start with support from the Careers team at this in-personsession about writing cover letters and applicationsin Sibson.

Wed 12 JulyPG Summer Chill Zone: kick back with free refreshments, Nintendo Switch, board games, table football and more in Keynes.

Fri 14 July– Get outside for thePG Summer Lawn Games Afternoonfor lots of fun with interdivisional games and refreshments.

Tues 18 July –Join thePG Picnichosted by Kent Union on the Registry Lawn – we’re ready for all weathers with picnic blankets, and covered spaces under the stretch tents.

Wed 19 July– What constitutes good mental health? Explore improving wellbeing at thispositive mental health workshoprun by a counsellor from Student Support and Wellbeing, starting at the Labyrinth at Canterbury campus.

Wed 19 July– Find out the essentials for CVs and cover letters, including trends, hints and tips. Thispractical CV sessionis taking place in Medway building.

Mon 24 July– Kent Union are organisinga day out to the beautiful seaside town of Margate.You can spend time at the Dreamland amusement park, explore the Old Town and visit the many independent shops and cafes. Spaces are limited so make sure you book your place as soon as possible.

Mon 24 July– Hosted at the Kent Community Oasis Garden, mycologist and Kent postgrad Dane, alongside Future Foods Creator Jo, will be taking you on anexploration of mushrooms, with talks, growing demonstrations, foraging walks and tasting opportunities.

Wed 26 July– Writing well academically can make a significant difference to the grades you can achieve. Join this two hourWriting Well Workshop at the Drill Hall Libraryto help develop your academic writing skills.

Thu 27 July——参加有趣的互动活动和enjoy refreshments in a relaxed atmosphere at the夏季全球聚会in Nexus.

Do you have anidea for a multicultural summer event? Why not turn your event idea into reality as part of PG Summer? You can apply to theWorldFest Bitesize Fundfor up to £250 to help run your own multicultural event.

There’s also aweekly Walk and Talk Summer Wellbeing Group, led by a mental health adviser. Plus, look out for some Division and School level BBQs too!See all PG Summer events.

5 week mindfulness course

Mindfulness course success

The 5-week Mindfulness course, organised by the School of Economics, but open to all students in the University showed that there is an increasing appetite for these kinds of tools to support learning.

The course, facilitated by Mindfulness practitionerLorrainne Millard, had over 50 registrations.

‘The dimensions of the course that seem to have helped students most were dealing with feelings of anxiety, the ability to focus and feelings of happiness and joy.’ convenerDr Adelina Gschwandtnertold us. ‘Most participants were women, 50% from a BAME background. 45% percent were studying at a postgraduate level and most of them came from the School of Psychology (48.5%) followed by the School of Economics (24.2%) and the School of Politics (9%). The overwhelming majority preferred that the course was run online offering more flexibility.’

蒂芙尼Akurut获得理学硕士学位经济学专业的学生没有助教ken part in anything regarding mindfulness or mental health before but was persuaded by the virtual nature of the course.

‘No one could see you during the exercises, so you could just let go and just be yourself.’ Tiffany told us ‘Going into a room with other people, I don’t like being in such situations, just cause I’m shy. But if you wanted to speak up, you could and if you didn’t want to, you could just be quiet in the background and just listen.’

The course came at an ideal time for her.

‘Around the time when we were approaching exam season, we had multiple deadlines and I experienced a lot of anxiety that meant I was unable to focus. Then I would feel I didn’t deserve to sleep because of how little I have accomplished during the day. So then I am more tired, which makes me more stressed. So I end up in this cycle that I’m really unable to get out of.’

The course was the first time Tiffany Akurut had tried any Mindfulness techniques.

PortiaChere expressed that travelling to the UK from Botswana to study a financial economics MSc was overwhelming at times.

‘Yeah, it has been a culture shock, but it was also an exciting opportunity for me to travel from Africa because it is my first time travelling Internationally.’ Portia left her son and husband at home for the year while she studies. ‘I think maybe because being an international student, having to come here alone without my family, was a bit of a challenge to settle in soI really needed something that could keep me motivated throughoutthe myjourney in learning.

Portia Chere travelled from Botswana to study a financial MSc at Kent.

Gladness Sebifelo has been studying anMSc in development economics after studying for her undergraduate at theUniversity of Botswana ten years ago.

‘When I arrived in the UK.I had to start teaching myself tolearn again, andbecauseI arrivedtwo weeks late,Icouldn’tcatchupeasily, you know?So that alone gave me a lot of stress. Like, will I make it? Justbeingin a different environmentwas stressful. SoI was always asking myselfwhat can I do?Where can I get help?’

Before this Gladness’ only experience of mindfulness came from social media ‘-just the memes that you always read that encourage people.’

‘I think I had a stubborn mind.I was like,ohhh will it work?’

‘But I was like,5 weeks. One hour a week. It wont hurt.

The structure of the course was varied.

‘It was a mixture of everything. So you do a practical exercise with everyone, like breathing techniques or like a physical exercise and then, Lorraine, would you usually go into the theory behind it,’ Tiffany explained ‘Then you would go into breakout rooms and discuss the weeks homework, what you did, if you’re able to do anything, what you’re accomplished, how it made you feel.’

Participating alongside others who are also struggling with stress and anxiety turned out to be helpful in and of itself Tiffany found.

‘I think sometimes you think that you’re the only person feeling this thing, going through this, but when you talk to other people, you understand you are experiencing the same thing. It’s great feeling that you’re not alone in this.’

‘However we respond to situations, wehold that power ourselves.’ Gladness Sebifelo

Gladness Sebifelo came away from the course with a sense of empowerment.

‘I know nowit’sme who is in control.Nobody else.Soif Idon’tcontrol thesituationI’min, nobody else will come out and and and do it for me.Soit’sall about me and how to tacklemysituations.’

Portia suggested that the course would be suitable for anyone‘Idon’tthinkit’sthere’ssomebody who is tailor made for it,because I think it it cuts across so many things, whetherit’sto improve on your relationship with your family, your communication, your wellbeing.SoI think everybody can use this course.’

Due to the tremendous positive feedback and the large number of registrations this year we are planning to organise the course again in 2023-2024.

Read about Lorrainne Millard’s bookMindfulness and Wellbeing for Student Learning.

Nexus helpdesk

Nexus service update: online only 17-21 July

Nexus staff can help with any query, signposting you in the right direction. You can ask Nexus for help with accommodation, course queries and admin, KentOne card issues, support and much more.

Between 17-21 July, Nexus will operateonline onlywhile the Nexus staff help out at the graduation ceremonies.

From Monday 24 July, Nexus will reopen in Templeman Library. The summer opening times are Monday – Friday, 9:00-17:00.

Canterbury Safer Streets logo

Take part in Canterbury Safer Streets survey

From Canterbury Christ Church University.

As part of a government fundedSafer Streets project, Canterbury Christ Church University isconducting researchwith students in Kent and Medway.

The research aims to gain a better understanding of the experiences of students in relation to spiking, stalking, sexual harassment, sexual violence and sexual misconduct. The insights gained from this study will enable us to be better able to tackle such incidences within our communities and ensure that we are building a safer environment for all.

We are keen to ensure that we authentically capture the voices of all students and as such, we encourage everyone from all backgrounds (men, women, non-binary, ethnically diverse/minoritised communities, LGBTQ+ communities, individuals with a disability) to share their experiences and thoughts.

Please note that some questions within this survey will include sensitive information and ask personal questions about your experiences in relation to spiking, stalking, sexual misconduct, and sexual violence. If you find these distressing, we would prefer that you do not continue with the survey and you can exit the survey at any point. Also, remember you can use your university’s onlineReport and Support Toolto connect with the Student Support and Wellbeing Team if you need emotional support or guidance on any harassment or sexual misconduct you have witnessed or experienced.

The survey is anonymous, and your responses will be confidential. As a thank you, you will be entered into a prize draw to win Love2Shop (or similar) vouchers (20x £30).

If you would like to obtain further information related to the survey or how your personal data is processed for this project please

Thank you for playing your part in this important research.

Take part in the Student Safer Streets survey

Student Jonathan Hollow receiving prize

Student’s finance book wins national publishing award

Congratulations to MA Ancient History student Jonathan Hollow whose book“How to Fund the Life You Want”recently won its category at theUK 2023 Business Book Awards, a major national publishing award!

Before starting his part-time Master’s at Kent, Jonathan had worked at the Government’s Money and Pensions Service, which runs the Moneyhelper website. It was there that he learned all about the problems people have understanding pensions and planning for future, inspiring him to write this book with co-author Robin Powell.

Jonathan Hollow holding prizeHow to fund the life you want book cover

Jonathan says “’How to Fund the Life You Want’ is designed to explain the pensions and investment puzzle for UK readers. There are lots of US-based books about money and investing, but my co-author Robin Powell and I wanted to write one that exactly fitted the laws and circumstances in Britain. We also included a downloadable workbook; we wanted to make it a highly practical book, which people could apply to their own lives (so not just a theoretical exercise).”

The judges commented on the book “How to Fund the Life You Want takes a subject which is often viewed as dry and brings it to life with good, punchy writing, great book design and clear diagrams and images. The end result is an accessible and practical guide to personal finance that dispels myths, busts jargon and clarifies the best options for the reader to build their wealth through savings, pensions and investments. Robin and Jonathan show solid expertise on the topic and place important focus on evidence-based strategies rather than simply whatever is currently in fashion, making this a refreshingly honest look at personal finance.”

Jonathan also recently interviewed ourKent Star Alex Davison the Second Lives podcast which looks at choices about money and meaning in later life. Listen to theJonathan’s interview with Alex on the Second Lives podcast.