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Managing your studies

Goodtime managementandorganisationare key to staying on top of your studies. You will need toplanyour time and yourassignments, maintain a goodfiling systemfor all your study materials, and ensure that youkeep pacewith your course.

Plan your time

Use a time planner

Use atime plannertotake control of your time. This will involve organising your studies (lectures, seminars, reading and assignments) along with all other activities and commitments in your life (work, family etc) throughout the year. Try colour coding different activities on your planner to help keep track of them.

Plan each assignment

Start each assignment as early as possible. Working backwards from the deadline, consider the stages of work needed to complete each one and estimate how long you have to dedicate to each, then plot them on your time planner. Complete each stage of work on time to avoid last minute panics and to meet your deadlines. For a sample of stages in one type of assignment, seemanaging your essay.

Set achievable goals and prioritise tasks

Divide individual days into bitesize chunks of time and allocate an achievable task to each session e.g. 9-11am – Read/make notes on Journal article x; 11-12am – Draw up essay plan for assignment y; 12-1pm – Proof-read report z… etc. This will keep you focussed and productive, and ensure constant progress.

Consider which tasks are both important and urgent – e.g. Proof-read and submit assignment x – and prioritise these on your daily schedule.

Set up a filing system

Group, organise and store information and work in a logical order

  • 想到你会在何地、如何组织,组织起来and store course information, handouts, research and your notes so you can find them easily e.g. ‘Module X: Topic A/B/C/D’ or ‘Assignment Y: Research/Notes/Drafts’.
  • Number assignment drafts (essays, project reports etc) to keep track of the most recent version.
  • Use ring binders with labelled dividers, computer folders/files or a mixture both to stay organised and save time.

Back-up work regularly on your computer to avoid any risk of losing it

Keep on top of your work

Be pro-active

If you find yourself falling behind with your studies don’t ignore it, reflect on the reasons, consider solutions and take action – action can even be seeking advice if you are struggling or not sure of what you are doing

Seek help in plenty of time if you need it

Ask your lecturer or seek advice from relevant university services which may include:


For more information on all topics mentioned above and more visit theStudent Learning Advisory Service – University of Kent (SLAS)we also offerappointmentsandworkshops.

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Staying active at uni – free gym membership

Join Kent Sport

All first-year students and students living in accommodation booked through the University are givenfree Kent Sport Premium Plus membership!This means you have access to all the facilities and services at Kent Sport.

Kent Sport操作所有的sport and fitness facilities across the Canterbury campus. All students, staff, and members of the public are welcome to become members, with a wide range of benefits including access to:

  • Air-conditioned, fully-equipped gym with cardio, weights and strength training equipment
  • Large fitness and dance studio with up to60 group exercise classes per week, including our LES MILLS Virtual classes
  • 3 multi-purpose sports halls for almost any indoor sport includingan NBA standard basketball court
  • 3 full-size, floodlit artificial pitches for football, rugby, lacrosse, hockey and more
  • 4 full-size indoor acrylic tennis courts within theIndoor Tennis and Events Arena
  • Dedicated boxing area
  • Social sport and activity programmes including ALL Active and Give It A Go (students and staff only)
  • Access to theKent Sports Clinicperformance, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation services (discounted rates for members)

You can join Kent Sport with a free Pay to Play membership, simply bycreating a new online booking account.

Join a student sports club

Kent Union run more than 60 different sports clubs on campus, with sports ranging from American Football to Ultimate Frisbee, and each club is open to any student regardless of experience. The sports are represented at a range of levels, from recreational to competitive, so there is something for everyone!

View the full list of sports clubs

Sports Scholarship Scheme

The University of Kent offers athletes the opportunity to join theSports Scholarship Scheme, which provides sport-specific training, advice, guidance, and funding to continue competing while studying. The Sports Scholarship Scheme is delivered byKent Sport.

Get outdoors

There are lots of green spaces in Kent, so why not take advantage of them? Going for a jog or a walk outside is great for clearing your head after a long day of studying.

If you want to start running,parkrunis a weekly free timed 5km run, jog or walk every Saturday in parks and open spaces. TheCanterbury parkrun从运动馆Parkwood路上,一个d theMedway parkruntakes place at Great Lines Heritage Park (Gillingham).

If you’re looking to take in more scenery, then check outKent Sport’s Active Campus Routeswebpage for some popular walking, jogging, and cycling routes across campus and further afield.

Exercise with a friend

It can be daunting to exercise alone in a gym, or to join a sports club by yourself. Exercising with a friend will mean you’re less likely to get bored, and you can motivate each other by planning new and exciting workouts! On those days when you don’t feel like working out, having someone to keep you accountable will mean you’re more likely to stick to your exercise goals.

Cycle or walk to uni

Instead of taking the bus or driving, take advantage of the many cycle paths and footpaths around our campuses. Walking or cycling as part of your commute is a great way of including activity within your daily life – and it’s good for the environment!

Find out more about walking and cycling at Kent

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Staying well at uni

Studying at university is a big change for most people. You can help ease the transition by taking care of your mental and physical health. Try some of these ideas to get started.

Build your support network

Surround yourself with supportive friends and family who will be there for you through both the ups and downs. Invest time in maintaining existing relationships through video calls or meetups, and be open to meeting new people on campus.

There are also peer support groups and one-to-one appointments available to help provide you with a sense of community at Kent, whatever your circumstances. Find out more on theStudent Support and Wellbeing pages.

Embracing change

Starting a new chapter in your life can be thrilling, but it may also bring uncertainties. Remember, it takes time to adjust to your new environment, and feelings of homesickness or loneliness are normal.

Reach out and share your experiences with fellow students – you’ll likely find many others who can relate. University life offers an opportunity to explore new hobbies,join societies at CanterburyorMedway, and immerse yourself in the vibrant Kent community.

Don’t forget your physical health

Kent Sportprovides a range of on-campus classes and facilities, and first years and students living on campus get afree membership.

You can also explore the beautiful green spaces and woodland trails on the Canterbury campus – they’re perfect for walking or cycling. If you’d like to be matched with another student for a walk on campus or to meet in a café, consider signing up for theWalking Buddy or Just Coffee schemes.

Also, make sure to register with a local GP toaccess physical healthcare and advicewhenever needed.

Feeling stressed?

University life can sometimes feel overwhelming, but there are strategies to regain balance.

Remember, theStudent Support and Wellbeingteam is here to ensure you have a fulfilling and successful journey at Kent. Stay connected and informed by following@UniKentSSW on Instagramfor the latest information and resources to support your wellbeing.

Students at PG Summer Coffee Morning

PG Summer: July events roundup

It’s been great to see our postgraduate community come together at events during the first month of PG Summer, including the Annual Postgraduate Conference, PG Summer Coffee Morning and PG Careers Week events. July brings lots more PG Summer events and activities, including:

Mon 3 July– The Careers and Employability Service are hosting a practical online session for postgrads tohelp you identify your employability skills.

Wed 5 July– Come along to Woolf Common Room for thePG Summer board game, crisps and drinks gathering, jointly organised by the PG Network and Graduate and Researcher College (GRC).

Thu 6 July-Reflective writing is a powerful learning tool which can help you to understand your own thinking processes, challenge your assumptions and explore logical approaches to arguments. Try it for yourself with this 2 hourReflecting Writing Workshop at the Drill Hall Library.

Tues 11 July– Want some advice writing cover letters and applications? Make a start with support from the Careers team at this in-personsession about writing cover letters and applicationsin Sibson.

Wed 12 JulyPG Summer Chill Zone: kick back with free refreshments, Nintendo Switch, board games, table football and more in Keynes.

Fri 14 July– Get outside for thePG Summer Lawn Games Afternoonfor lots of fun with interdivisional games and refreshments.

Tues 18 July –Join thePG Picnichosted by Kent Union on the Registry Lawn – we’re ready for all weathers with picnic blankets, and covered spaces under the stretch tents.

Wed 19 July– What constitutes good mental health? Explore improving wellbeing at thispositive mental health workshoprun by a counsellor from Student Support and Wellbeing, starting at the Labyrinth at Canterbury campus.

Wed 19 July– Find out the essentials for CVs and cover letters, including trends, hints and tips. Thispractical CV sessionis taking place in Medway building.

Mon 24 July– Kent Union are organisinga day out to the beautiful seaside town of Margate.You can spend time at the Dreamland amusement park, explore the Old Town and visit the many independent shops and cafes. Spaces are limited so make sure you book your place as soon as possible.

Wed 27 July– Writing well academically can make a significant difference to the grades you can achieve. Join this two hourWriting Well Workshop at the Drill Hall Libraryto help develop your academic writing skills.

Do you have anidea for a multicultural summer event? Why not turn your event idea into reality as part of PG Summer? You can apply to theWorldFest Bitesize Fundfor up to £250 to help run your own multicultural event.

There’s also aweekly Walk and Talk Summer Wellbeing Group, led by a mental health adviser. Plus, look out for some Division and School level BBQs too!See all PG Summer events.