canterbury campus

Power Outage: Saturday 15 July 2023

UK Power Networks will be undertaking essential maintenance works on Saturday 15 July 2023, meaning there will be a total electrical power outage to the Canterbury Campus from 10.00-15.00.

As a result, all services including lighting, power, water supply, kitchens, freezers, water, BMS, data centre, lifts, CCTV, automatic doors, card access, telephones and fire alarm systems will be affected,

Every building across the campus will be impacted except for Beverley Farm, Keynes, Careers, Tanglewood, Oaks Study Hub, Turing and Hut 8.

Backup Power Using Generator

The following buildings will be powered using generators during this time.

  • Main co-op store
  • Ingram Phase 1
  • Stacey building
  • Sports Centre
  • Eliot College
  • Rutherford College
  • Darwin College
  • Darwin houses
  • Gulbenkian Café
  • Gulbenkian Theatre
  • Becket Court

Lifts willnot be operational in all buildingsfrom 07.00 – 16.00 whether a generator is provided or not.

Access to the building will be limited until all the work is completed unless the building is backed up by generator.

Anything you usually access at home will still work as normal for anyone off-site.

Further Power Outages

  • There’s a planned shutdown on Saturday 22 July 2023 from 10.00-15.00 affecting the Sports Ground, Tennis Court, Old Pavilion, New Pavilion, and 3G Pitch lights, Purchas Court, Lypiatt Court and Parkwood Student Hub (Woodys).
  • The final planned shutdown is on Saturday, 29 July 2023 from 09.00-13.00, affecting Beverley Farm, Keynes College, Tanglewood, Careers, Oaks Study Hub, Turing College (all blocks) and Hut 8.