Student Jonathan Hollow receiving prize

Student’s finance book wins national publishing award

Congratulations to MA Ancient History student Jonathan Hollow whose book“How to Fund the Life You Want”recently won its category at theUK 2023 Business Book Awards, a major national publishing award!

Before starting his part-time Master’s at Kent, Jonathan had worked at the Government’s Money and Pensions Service, which runs the Moneyhelper website. It was there that he learned all about the problems people have understanding pensions and planning for future, inspiring him to write this book with co-author Robin Powell.

Jonathan Hollow holding prizeHow to fund the life you want book cover

Jonathan says “’How to Fund the Life You Want’ is designed to explain the pensions and investment puzzle for UK readers. There are lots of US-based books about money and investing, but my co-author Robin Powell and I wanted to write one that exactly fitted the laws and circumstances in Britain. We also included a downloadable workbook; we wanted to make it a highly practical book, which people could apply to their own lives (so not just a theoretical exercise).”

The judges commented on the book “How to Fund the Life You Want takes a subject which is often viewed as dry and brings it to life with good, punchy writing, great book design and clear diagrams and images. The end result is an accessible and practical guide to personal finance that dispels myths, busts jargon and clarifies the best options for the reader to build their wealth through savings, pensions and investments. Robin and Jonathan show solid expertise on the topic and place important focus on evidence-based strategies rather than simply whatever is currently in fashion, making this a refreshingly honest look at personal finance.”

Jonathan also recently interviewed ourKent Star Alex Davison the Second Lives podcast which looks at choices about money and meaning in later life. Listen to theJonathan’s interview with Alex on the Second Lives podcast.