Unlock free resources with Lean Library

Being bounced from publisher to paywall to login page and back again?

You can get seamless, off-campus access to library-owned resources and much more when you use theLean Library browser extension.

Have your librarians on your shoulder

The University of Kent is partnered with Lean Library to help link you to our e-book and journal collections.

If the library doesn’t have the article you’re looking for it automatically checks for open access versions.

更重要的是瘦肉图书馆integrates with Google Scholarso that your search results link directly to articles.

For more information visit ourLean Library guide.

Borrow, don’t buy

The Lean Library extension can also tell you if we have a digital copy of a title you are thinking of buying. So it could save you money as well as give confidence on the vast array of resources we have readily available for you.

Download the extension

All you need to do isadd the Lean Library borrowser extensionto your favourite browser. Then select, University of Kent as your insitution and let Lean Library do all the work for you!

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