Two students walking together on campus

Staying well at uni

Studying at university is a big change for most people. You can help ease the transition by taking care of your mental and physical health. Try some of these ideas to get started.

Build your support network

Surround yourself with supportive friends and family who will be there for you through both the ups and downs. Invest time in maintaining existing relationships through video calls or meetups, and be open to meeting new people on campus.

There are also peer support groups and one-to-one appointments available to help provide you with a sense of community at Kent, whatever your circumstances. Find out more on theStudent Support and Wellbeing pages.

Embracing change

Starting a new chapter in your life can be thrilling, but it may also bring uncertainties. Remember, it takes time to adjust to your new environment, and feelings of homesickness or loneliness are normal.

Reach out and share your experiences with fellow students – you’ll likely find many others who can relate. University life offers an opportunity to explore new hobbies,join societies at CanterburyorMedway, and immerse yourself in the vibrant Kent community.

Don’t forget your physical health

Kent Sportprovides a range of on-campus classes and facilities, and first years and students living on campus get afree membership.

You can also explore the beautiful green spaces and woodland trails on the Canterbury campus – they’re perfect for walking or cycling. If you’d like to be matched with another student for a walk on campus or to meet in a café, consider signing up for theWalking Buddy or Just Coffee schemes.

Also, make sure to register with a local GP toaccess physical healthcare and advicewhenever needed.

Feeling stressed?

University life can sometimes feel overwhelming, but there are strategies to regain balance.

Remember, theStudent Support and Wellbeingteam is here to ensure you have a fulfilling and successful journey at Kent. Stay connected and informed by following@UniKentSSW on Instagramfor the latest information and resources to support your wellbeing.